The Riggs Report: Hillary’s cash haul

Clinton is spending a few lucrative days in California

Beset by news about the release of more emails, Hillary Clinton is focusing this week on a time-honored California tradition—tapping her Hollywood and Silicon Valley donor bases for some big campaign cash.

Clinton is hustling through a total of eight events around the state, part of a flurry of fundraising activity around the country.

Clinton’s visit to LA was her first since she became the Democratic nominee, and included a guest appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” She then showed up Monday at basketball great Magic Johnson’s house for a reception that included some of LA’s most prominent elected Democrats, including Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Later, Clinton attended a pricey gathering at the home of billionaire entertainment tycoon Haim Saban. The price of admission, according to the LA Times: $50,000 per ticket.

On Tuesday, Clinton went a bit more Hollywood with a luncheon at the home of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who both posted photo booth snaps of Clinton’s visit, which was followed by a couple more stops in Southern California before heading to the East Bay for another fundraising dinner.

Two more events were on the schedule Wednesday in Silicon Valley—one hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook and the other at the home of another tech executive.

As of the end of July, Clinton had raised nearly $693 million, compared to $346 million raised by Donald Trump.

During the month of July alone, she raised $90 million for her campaign and for Democratic party interests. Trump wasn’t far behind, reporting a total of $80 million raised in July.

Virtually none of the money that Clinton raises this week in California for her campaign will be spent here. It will be used to pay for TV ads in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio.

If you watch California politics long enough, you get used to the pattern. Raise it here, spend it there.