Jeff Randle named to Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 List

Capitol Weekly named Jeff Randle to its 2010 Top 100 List, ranking him 37th among California’s most influential policy and political leaders. Capitol Weekly writes: “Randle has been around California politics for more than 20 years. As a veteran of the Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigns, he has risen among the ranks of trusted insiders to Republican governors. And if there are bonus points for being there early, Randle gets them for being the first consultant Meg Whitman reached out to. It was Randle who prepared the op-research dossier against Whitman…

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Jeff Randle in Sacramento Bee: GOP needs new playbook to rebound in California

Randle Communications President and CEO Jeff Randle outlines how a Republican resurgence is possible in California if it changes its playbook and can effectively reach voters, in an opinion editorial in the Sacramento Bee.