The Riggs Report: Pay parity in California

Gov. Brown signs legislation mandating same pay for men, women

My friend Deirdre Fitzpatrick’s 9-year-old son expressed amazement, she told me, when he heard a radio report about the pay gap between men and women. He wanted to know, she said, why they’d be paid differently for the same work.

It’s a great question that’s been asked over the years by plenty of adults, and the law isn’t exactly silent on this.

For years, it’s been illegal for women to be paid less than men for the same job. But that’s been interpreted as identical pay for…

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Randle Communications Announces Promotion of Paige Bedegrew to Senior Account Executive

September 30, 2015

SacramentoRandle Communications (Randle), Sacramento’s top-ranked locally owned public relations and public affairs firm, today announced that Paige Bedegrew has earned a promotion to Senior Account Executive. Randle is committed to recognizing and rewarding professionals who demonstrate growth and share a commitment to teamwork, high standards and delivering exemplary client work.

“Paige Bedegrew is an extraordinary project manager and a tremendous resource to numerous account teams,” Jeff Randle, President and CEO of Randle Communications, said. “She is meticulous and detail oriented, ensuring that complex projects move forward as planned and are successfully…

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The Riggs Report: Speakerizing California

Kevin McCarthy could become 2nd House speaker from Golden State

Kevin McCarthy wasn’t in Sacramento long. He represented a Bakersfield district in the Assembly from 2002 to 2006, the last two years of that tenure as Republican leader in the lower house, before an open seat in Congress beckoned.

What I remember about McCarthy, from my coverage of the Legislature during that period, was an easygoing, smiling demeanor, but someone who was always on the move through the Capitol hallways.

McCarthy plainly liked people, and they liked him back. His time in Sacramento was focused more on…

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The Riggs Report: Defining Schwarzenegger and Trump

How similar are ex-governor and would-be president?

It seemed especially appropriate last week when NBC announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be replacing Donald Trump as host of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

It’ll give Arnold the chance to customize one of his famous film tag lines. “You’re terminated!” or “You won’t be back!” come to mind, among others.

The change also makes perfect economic and marketing sense. Schwarzenegger made it very clear, in a farewell interview I conducted with him in his smoking tent in the final weeks of his governorship, that he had every intention of staying actively involved…

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Lindsey Goodwin and Erin Dunlay Earn Promotions to Account Manager

September 17, 2015

Sacramento – Randle Communications (Randle), Sacramento’s top-ranked locally-owned public relations firm, today announced that Lindsey Goodwin and Erin Dunlay have earned promotions from Senior Account Executive to Account Manager. This achievement is a reflection of their success managing complex day-to-day operations for the firm’s national public relations account, University of Phoenix, as well as their commitment to delivering results for clients and the firm.

“Lindsey Goodwin and Erin Dunlay have done an outstanding job managing media and public relations efforts in 87 media markets across the country for University of Phoenix,” Randle President and CEO…

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The Riggs Report: Queen Elizabeth’s perilous California journey

Now Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, her 1983 visit was anything but sunny

As I was reading reports this week of Queen Elizabeth II’s new milestone—officially becoming, at the age of 89, Great Britain’s longest-ruling monarch—it occurred to me that it might be a good drought-busting move to invite her back to California.

There’s a certain bit of history here. When the queen paid her first visit to the West Coast—an 11-day trip back in 1983—it was a rain-soaked journey; an eventful and hazardous trip accompanied by a fierce El Nino system that drenched her entourage and the hapless press…

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Mike Gazda Earns Promotion to Account Manager

September 3, 2015

Sacramento – Randle Communications (Randle), Sacramento’s top-ranked locally-owned public relations firm, today announced that Mike Gazda has earned a promotion to Account Manager. This achievement is a reflection of Gazda’s expertise and dedication to clients as well as Randle’s commitment to recognize and reward employees for teamwork, professionalism, and superior performance.

“Mike is a trusted voice with extensive real-world media experience, and he has delivered exceptional results for our clients,” Randle President and CEO Jeff Randle said. “He plays a leadership role on major accounts and is a dedicated team player. His promotion to Account…

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The Riggs Report: Roads, taxes and retribution

Democrats need Republicans to raise California gas tax

In these waning days of the legislative session, the Democrats who rule under the Capitol dome find themselves in the relatively rare position of needing Republican votes; in this case, to raise the gas tax by 12 cents a gallon and to raise the state’s vehicle license fee.

The cause? To raise money to repair California’s badly dilapidated road system. Gov. Jerry Brown said earlier this year, the price tag for that backlog of repairs totals a whopping $59 billion.

That repair figure is daunting but not nearly as…

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Randle Communications Recognized as Sacramento’s Top-Ranked Locally-Owned Public Relations Firm

August 28, 2015

Sacramento – Today Randle Communications (Randle) was recognized for a third consecutive year as the Sacramento Region’s top locally-owned Public Relations agency by the Sacramento Business Journal. In overall rankings, Randle maintained its status as the second largest firm among other local, national and global agencies in the region.

“We are pleased to be recognized for the third consecutive year as Sacramento’s top ranked locally-owned public relations firm,” Randle President & CEO Jeff Randle said. “This achievement is a reflection of our dedicated and talented team of professionals and fantastic clients.”

Randle has been…

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The Riggs Report: Biden’s pending bid

US vice president gets big encouragement to enter the race for the White House

Vice President Joe Biden is getting plenty of encouragement to make the leap into the race for the White House, including from his own boss.

Biden had lunch with President Obama this week, and according to media reports, Obama did nothing to discourage the notion of his candidacy.

In fact, a White House spokesman left the door open this week to a possible presidential endorsement in the primary season, while also telling reporters Obama believes his move to name Biden as his VP…

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