Key Issue of 2016: Private-Sector Growth

December 11, 2015

Featured in the Sacramento Business Journal by Jeff Randle, President and CEO of Randle Communications

Potential. It’s a term we use with students, athletes and politicians. In California’s capital city, it’s especially relevant, given Sacramento’s potential to be a great American city.

I believe 2016 will determine Sacramento’s future. Decisions made by our leaders plus choices made by residents will set a course for generations to come.

Golden 1 Center will open next year, and voters will elect a new mayor. The connection between the two is unbreakable. Sacramento’s next mayor can determine if our current downtown renaissance will blossom or fade like a mirage in the desert.

The greater Sacramento region owes a debt of gratitude to Mayor Kevin Johnson. He understood that if the Sacramento Kings left, we would face an economic death spiral with no economic engine to sustain families or fuel government. Johnson was the perfect leader at a critical time. He galvanized the community, influenced NBA executives and gave Sacramento hope.

With this opportunity, Sacramento rallied — big time. New ownership emerged, a plan was developed, and public-private financing materialized. On May 23, 2013, in Cesar Chavez Park, Sacramento celebrated a new beginning. In a town notorious for political battles, for once, we were all unified and Sacramento Proud.

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